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Memorial Wall

In Memory of Ann Peterson-Saslow-

  • Tana Whicker and Julie Cooper of Bakersfield
  • Sharon Miller of Texas


In Memory of Patrick Joseph Ryan-

  • Hennessey Cousins-children of Shirlie Ryan Hennessey and John Hennessey(deceased) of Manilla, Iowa


In Memory of Debbie Smith-

  • Charlotte Allene Marengo of Bakersfield


Bernard “Ben” Puget was a grandfather to six grandchildren, two of them being on the Autism Spectrum. Donations in his memory were given to Kern Autism Network-Autism Society Chapter to help other children affected with Autism in Kern County. Kern Autism Network thanks those donors for their generous donations in memory of “Ben.”

  • Paramount Farming Company
  • El Tejon Sheep Company
  • M. Eyherabide
  • M. Barberena
  • M. & Y. Iturriria
  • G. & M. Ansolabehere
  • M. & K. Ansolabehere
  • Clerou Tire Company
  • L. & M.J. Echevere
  • M. Laxague
  • M. Hale
  • R. Boyd
  • E. Coats
  • J. Eyherabide
  • Jim Burke Ford, D. M. Hay
  • M. Ramos- Bakersfield Truck Center
  • C. Jackson-Miller Livestock Company & Trucking
  • A. Ansolabehere
  • The Nighbert Family-Elam Farms
  • L. & M. Ritchie
  • J. Carter
  • L. & M. Iturriria, J. Iturriria, J. Iturriria Family
  • Jim Stockton & Sons Inc.
  • Woolgrowers Restaurant: Mayie Maitia, Jenny Poncetta & Family
  • Foster Family
  • Michael Mendes
  • J.F. Etcheverry, J. Echenique Eureka Livestock, LLC


  • Gregory Dircks was a dedicated and hard working family man who did his best to provide a loving home to Maddie and his boys.” Kern Autism Network thanks the Berns Family for their generous donation in memory of Gregory.
  • In recognition of “Ashton Graham“, from Janette Lathon donor,  January 2016.

*Note: If you would like to add a loved one to this Memorial Wall, please contact our organization for further instruction and assistance 661-489-3335.