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Memorial Wall

In Memory of Kathleen Baxter- “In memory of Kathleen Baxter. She was a resident of Kern County since she was 3 years old and for the past 10 years lived in Bakersfield. She touched so many lives and we will never forget her unique personality”.

  • David Baxter
  • James Bermudez
  • Terri Schneider Biehl
  • Susan Dorr
  • Julianne Merys
  • Nancy Nash: In memory of Kathleen Marie Baxter, granddaughter of Mary Catherine & Ron Merys, our dear friends and neighbors. May God bless this grieving family. 
  • Lisa Jones
  • Mary Catherine and Ron Merys
  • Dean & Shirley Baxter: On behalf of Great Uncle and Aunt, Dean and Shirley Baxter. Bushels of Love!
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert McGuire
  • Mary Betzen


In Memory of Maurene Davis (Muthana)-

  • Grandmother to Connor Hawkins (autistic), who supported and believed in all that he can and will accomplish in life.  She will forever be an angel looking over Connor.


In Memory of Jan Errea-

  • Cathy and Don Palla of Bakersfield


In Memory of Ann Peterson-Saslow-

  • Tana Whicker and Julie Cooper of Bakersfield
  • Sharon Miller of Texas


In Memory of Patrick Joseph Ryan-

  • Hennessey Cousins-children of Shirlie Ryan Hennessey and John Hennessey(deceased) of Manilla, Iowa


In Memory of Debbie Smith-

  • Charlotte Allene Marengo of Bakersfield

In Memory of Helen Gaede

  • Bob Wiebe of Bakersfield



Bernard “Ben” Puget was a grandfather to six grandchildren, two of them being on the Autism Spectrum. Donations in his memory were given to Kern Autism Network-Autism Society Chapter to help other children affected with Autism in Kern County. Kern Autism Network thanks those donors for their generous donations in memory of “Ben.”

  • Paramount Farming Company
  • El Tejon Sheep Company
  • M. Eyherabide
  • M. Barberena
  • M. & Y. Iturriria
  • G. & M. Ansolabehere
  • M. & K. Ansolabehere
  • Clerou Tire Company
  • L. & M.J. Echevere
  • M. Laxague
  • M. Hale
  • R. Boyd
  • E. Coats
  • J. Eyherabide
  • Jim Burke Ford, D. M. Hay
  • M. Ramos- Bakersfield Truck Center
  • C. Jackson-Miller Livestock Company & Trucking
  • A. Ansolabehere
  • The Nighbert Family-Elam Farms
  • L. & M. Ritchie
  • J. Carter
  • L. & M. Iturriria, J. Iturriria, J. Iturriria Family
  • Jim Stockton & Sons Inc.
  • Woolgrowers Restaurant: Mayie Maitia, Jenny Poncetta & Family
  • Foster Family
  • Michael Mendes
  • J.F. Etcheverry, J. Echenique Eureka Livestock, LLC


  • Gregory Dircks was a dedicated and hard working family man who did his best to provide a loving home to Maddie and his boys.” Kern Autism Network thanks the Berns Family for their generous donation in memory of Gregory.
  • In recognition of “Ashton Graham“, from Janette Lathon donor,  January 2016.
  • In recognition of “Stephan and Marianne Ekegren,” from Madeline Ekegren for Birthday Wishes!

*Note: If you would like to add a loved one to this Memorial Wall, please contact our organization for further instruction and assistance 661-489-3335.