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  • Autism Spectrum Disorders Seminar Series 2019-2020{ REGISTER } With speakers in the field of autism to occur four times out of the school year, see Calendar for dates.  Four Seminars that occur in the school year with top speakers in the field of Autism. Each seminar is focused on addressing key topics to assist the parent or educator.  Registration is required.
  • Local Resources
  • Community Projects { Contact for more information }
  • Camp and Activity


  • Evening and Weekend Phone Line Support
  • Diagnosis of Autism: Helping parents with the process of getting a formal diagnosis of Autism in Kern County.
  • Parent Mentoring Counseling: Parents can be overwhelmed with seeking a diagnosis or coping with one.  Questions come into play with what now?  How will I manage this?  I feel alone and have no supports.  We help mentor parents and grandparents to be the child’s best advocate.
  • Court Parent Training: Providing Autism Parent Training basics for court custody cases or family law.  Usually required from court appointed judge or attorney’s.  Consulting with legal team by a Certified Autism Specialist.
  • IEP Consultation: Assistance in reviewing IEP goals and objectives, school placement and compliance of IEP.  Advocacy in attending IEP meetings. By appointment only.
  • Summer Camp Scholarships: Summer scholarships for qualifying applicants (children to adult with autism).  Scholarships offered: Music lessons, Swim lessons, Art Lessons etc.  These vary based on funds available to offer.


Monthly Support Groups

Family Autism Support Group

{ +- }

The focus of this group is to offer support for those dealing with individuals who have a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum including High Functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome. NOTE: Childcare is available, but please RSVP, to ensure we have adequate childcare coverage. The meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month and dates can be found on the Calendar Link.

Sibling Autism Support Group

This support group is intended for siblings with an autistic brother or sister. { +- }

A support group for the siblings who have an autistic brother or sister. This support group is to help the sibling better understand the challenges of growing up with a sibling that has autism. Activities, videos and discussions will be presented. Ages 8 and up. The group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and dates can be found on the Calendar Link.

Females on the Autism Spectrum Support Group

This support group is intended for  high-functioning teen-adult females on the Autism Spectrum. { +- }

This support group is intended for the female teen-adult diagnosed with high functioning autism. The group will discuss different areas to include: Social challenges, making friends, health, fashion, safety, puberty and hygiene. The topics introduced will allow the group to better understand the changes that confuse and sometimes overwhelm females. The group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and will occasionally have guest speakers.  See Calendar Link for meeting dates. (This event is on hold)

Adults on the Spectrum

A support group for adults on the spectrum 18 and older, with a social meeting focus on helping those on the spectrum to come together with others diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. { +- }

An ability to share similar interests, interact and support one another with friendship. Occasional outings are planned out in the community on a monthly basis. See Calendar Link for meeting dates, which are once a month on a Saturday. 


  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Workshops/Seminars-vary

  • Community Autism Trainings- given to local organizations in our Kern community.

  • Law Enforcement Trainings-California Highway Patrol agency in Kern County, Mojave and Buttonwillow have received a full autism training from our organization.  Law Enforcement Autism training to assist the agencies in understanding Autism.  What to look for, how to interact with an individual on the spectrum and what precautions to take to ensure safety.

  • Child Protective Services, Bakersfield Police Department and SSI Department have also received autism training.

  • LEGO® Workshop for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders         { REGISTER }

    Addresses fine motor and social skills in a natural environment.